Translate: to transpose a text into a different language.

The translation of your documents is an essential cog in your projects. Our mission is to provide you with optimal quality, ready to use documents

Lexicom has developed an organizational structure and work methods for the sole purpose of meeting your needs in terms of translation.

Our team consists of different translators and project managers, working both in-house and worldwide.

In order to provide you with quality service, we select the translator who best fits your project. This selection is made according to the following criteria: language, specialty, experience and volume.

Our translators are recruited after validating their expertise and after having successfully passed a rigorous translation testing process.

Your different projects will be translated by the same translator, whenever possible, to ensure that you have consistent, personalized service.

Whenever possible, all your projects will be translated by the same translator to ensure that you have a consistent, tailored service.

Currently we have a team of more than 250 translators located worldwide, and ready to work on your projects.


Our work process has been streamlined to the maximum to allow you to receive your documents easily from anywhere around the globe and in the shortest possible time:
You simply contact us by e-mail, phone or fax and we will send you a quote corresponding to your needs (language, format, deadline, etc.).  As soon as we receive your approval, the process is launched.
A project manager keeps you updated on the progress of the work and is at your disposal for any questions, comments or any changes you would like to be made to the project.

We will return the documents on the agreed deadline,or even earlier, if possible,and in the desired format.


We make every effort to ensure that our services bring you the greatest satisfaction.

As soon as we receive your project, we analyze the topic and select the translator whose specialty and language best meet your needs.
We work side by side with the translator throughout the entire process and contact you immediately should we need any further information to achieve an impeccable quality translation.
Any translated document always goes through the proofreading phase before delivery. If requested, a second translator can be provided to perform additional proofreading.